The Care & Share Thrift Shoppe started as one thrift shoppe in 1975. Leadership, contributions and a strong volunteer commitment was all provided by surrounding churches from the Franconia Mennonite Conference, Eastern District Conference and Brethren In Christ Churches.

The Care & Share Thrift Shoppe is an independent non-profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors. We are a part of the Mennonite Central Committee Thrift Shop Network, a bi-national group of shops who support the mission of Mennonite Central Committee.

The dollars you spend at Care & Share Thrift Shoppe will impact thousands of lives. Shop our shoppes for quality used items at a great price. Your purchase of these goods becomes your ‘gift to the world’ through Mennonite Central Committee. Since our beginnings we have donated over 19 million dollars to Mennonite Central Committee.

About Us

Our Vision Statement

To make a difference in people’s lives in the name of Christ by becoming the thrift destination of choice

Our Mission

To care for others and share our faith and resources locally and globally through Mennonite Central Committee in the name of Christ

Our Shops

We have a variety of shoppes to browse. Our Care & Share Thrift Shoppe includes the clothing shop, book shop, eBay shop, furniture shop, variety shop, and our outlet.

Our Logo

Our logo is a combination of a shopping bag and the Mennonite Central Committee's (MCC) symbol of the cross and the dove. This combination is a statement to show that your purchases here at our shoppes benefit those MCC serves in North America and around the world.

The MCC symbol expresses visually their mission. The cross and dove are presented in a dynamic, interactive relationship in which the cross empties into compassionate action valium . The hard forms of the cross yield to the flowing forms of the dove. The composite form is open and embracing.